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Everything you need, all in one place. 

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Our all-in-one solution makes it easy to get your natural product on the shelf and keep it there. 
It's the whole kit ‘n’ Caboodle.

Fewer Spreadsheets, More Insights

The days of document version hassles are over! It's all in Caboodle. Our single, integrated workspace empowers you to find the answers you need to make faster decisions with clarity and confidence.

Have my promotions been submitted?

Have my promotions been submitted?

When is that category review happening? 

When is that category review happening? 

What is our item status per retailer?

What is our item status per retailer?

What distributor does that retailer use?

What distributor does that retailer use?

What’s my forecast for that promotion?

What’s my forecast for that promotion?

Which of our broker reps calls on MOM’s?

Which of our broker reps calls on MOM’s?

What’s my trade spend across all our retailers?

What’s my trade spend across all our retailers?

How many doors does that retailer have, again?

How many doors does that retailer have, again?

Connect product and pricing info to retailers and distributors with Caboodle, your all-in-one
sales tracker, trade promotion manager, data portal, and marketing repository.   

Add enhanced reporting & analytics capability, and it’s the hub for every bit of vital information your natural product CPG team needs to grow its brand footprint.

Effortlessly Navigate Your Journey to Shelf

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Easy collaboration between people ensures everyone is aligned.

💬  Communicate Across Teams

Interactive planning tools and data monitoring helps manage successful campaigns.

📊  Stay on Top of Launches & Promotions

Easily evaluate promotional ROI to maximize profitability.

💸  Plan & Analyze Trade Spend

Plan and monitor your simplified sales strategy with ease.

👀  Understand Key Metrics

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Sales Team

Awesome! It looks like it's going to be a great month.

I calculated the trade spend, and this promo is approved! Go ahead and submit everything to the retailer.

The retailer would like to run a BOGO promotion in March, can we afford that? 

Experience the shift from chaos to clarity, where every action is a step towards growth.

Effortlessly communicate across channels, align your team, and revolutionize the way your brand optimizes promotions, drive sales, and boost profits.

Transform Your Workflow,
Elevate Your Impact

Streamline Your Collaboration

Created for the  Challenges of Natural Product Sales Teams

Built by and for Natural Food Brands and Brokers, we’ve distilled the best practices in the industry and created a cloud-based SaaS platform that tracks, analyzes, and measures our key performance indicators with ease.

Caboodle streamlines the workflow and identifies new levers so you can build and grow effectively. Commonly used tools are rolled into a single environment where you and your team (including brokers) can contribute to the cause.  It's the solution we've been dreaming of.

Drive Revenue with the All-in-One Sales Management Solution

  • Seamlessly track your customer interactions and broker activities.
  • Easily create your white space strategy with pre-populated key accounts & door counts. 
  • Ditch your sales tracker and drag and drop your progress with our Sales Pipeline.
  • Empower your brokers with all the information they need for submissions.
  • Link your trade spend to our built-in retail margins for accurate planning.
  • Verify the cost of individual and aggregate promotions.
  • Create detailed analysis for more accurate forecasting and planning.
  • Easily evaluate the projected spend rate to revenue.
  • Create promotional scenarios quickly and easily.
  • Automatically generate your promo calendar from the trade spend planning tool.
  • View yearly promotions at a glance, and click individual plans for every detail.
  • Build confidence for retail planning.
  • Improve communication with color-coded submission status.
  • Put your data in one place for internal and industry insights.
  • Activity Tracking Reports and Retailer APL included.
  • Pre-loaded Category Review Schedules for most Key Accounts.
  • Enhanced reporting includes KPI visualizations for your distributor data and syndicated sales data.

File Management

Data and Reports



Trade Spend

Product Specs

  • Never send an outdated presentation again with a centralized home for marketing and sales materials. 
  • Easy document sharing of any kind: Excel, Word, PDF, PPT, product images.
  • You can even drag your email messages into any folder!

Natural Product CPG Brands

Caboodle offers capabilities for all stages of your brand journey in a single integrated workspace designed for collaboration, eliminating silos and costs.  Easily identify where your products are, how they’re performing, and what actions will lead to growth.  

  • Product specs, codes, and pricing are integrated throughout the platform creating workflow efficiencies and key insights.
  • Item codes are linked to distributors’ method of delivery pricing.
  • Distributor pricing is linked to your retail partners.
  • Submissions to launches are a breeze when everything is connected.

Priced for Your Growth

Set the foundation with our basic data integration for your teams needs.


Caboodle Basic

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Enhanced Features & Add-Ons

Upload your Sales enterprise data and instantly gain insights.

We’re not a slick highbrow tech company with a bunch of overpriced features. We’re hardworking and scrappy, we know the industry and where our pain points lie. Our goal is to build an affordable platform that addresses the problems we commonly face every day as sales managers. 

Multiple Users
Built in Retailer Lists
Trade Spend Sandbox
Activity Tracking
Retailer APLs
Unlimited Storage Space
User-Level Permissions
Dedicated On-Boarding

Custom build the best solutions for you and your team with our A la carte feature pricing


See all your promotions in 1 comprehensive report with filtering capabilities and data visualization graphs.

Trade Spend Roll-Up Report


Data Visualization Reports

KPI Report

Instantly track and measure key performance metrics.

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per month

per month

We’re listening to our users as we continually implement new features based on your needs.  Set up a demo for a customized quote.

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KeHe Report
UNFI Report
Syndicated Data Report
WFM Data Report

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